As architects, educators, planners, environmentalists and designers, we condemn the spacio-cidal violence enacted on the Gaza Strip and its people. We call for an immediate permanent ceasefire and the rebuilding of Gaza in close collaboration with those displaced families. The 30,000 + lives that have already been lost cannot be restored, nor can the pain and suf.fering be wished away by airy words from politicians. But the people still living will need the means to survive. We thus call for the reinstatement of the essential services for water, electricity, fuel, telecommunications and food within the Gaza Strip.

The people of Gaza have a right to their city, their homes, their land. They have a right to rebuild their lives, within a free Palestine. In the longer term, entire urban areas will obviously need to be rebuilt. Houses and neighbourhoods will hence have to be reconstructed, and Gazan cities provided with all the services and facilities required for a high quality of life that is environmentally sustainable. More than these, the people of Gaza and Palestine more broadly will need a means to imagine a future, in a world transformed.

The international community of academics and professionals should stand strong to play a pivotal role in the reconstruction of Gaza. Together, in collaboration with its resilient residents, we can contribute to the restoration of lives, their homes, their neighbourhood and communities.

Call to Action: Architects for Gaza

Read the extended statement and call to action authored by Palestine Regeneration Team

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